EvoML Overview

EvoML, powered by TurinTech’s award-winning research in evolutionary optimisation, enables enterprises to create, deploy and optimise AI at scale by automating the whole process of data science. EvoML accelerates data science lifecycle and augments your existing teams’ capability, empowering enterprises to gain a competitive edge through effective and efficient AI transformation.

Automatically Create Smart & Efficient AI Applications with EvoML

How EvoML Works?

Flexible and scalable deployment options, both on-premise and in the cloud

Why EvoML?

  • Create world-expert level model quicker and greener​
  • Powerful engine for parallel model training and real-time prediction​
  • Open source libraries for toolkit empowerment​
  • Code-free & end-to-end automated data science pipeline
  • Seamless integration with your enterprise application (e.g. CRM)​
  • Rapid deployment in one click​
  • Modular design for selecting automated steps you need​​
  • Business metrics integration for tailored optimisation objectives​​
  • Data science pipeline and optimised code generation for further customisation​​​
  • Transparent process with visualisation and explainable AI​
  • Ensured confidentiality of data and models during optimisation process​
  • Continuous model optimisation and monitoring for better results​

Use Cases

How EvoML can help your AI enterprise transformation

Customer Complaints Management

Categorise customer complaints by priorities automatically and auto-respond to certain case with confidence.

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Churn Prediction and Prevention

Predict well in advance the likelihood of churn on each customer, and what marketing initiatives are most effective on retaining that customer.

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Personalised Content Recommendations

Predict customers preference and recommend one-to-one personalised content based on their real-time behaviors.

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